DRM-Lizenz bei wmv-Dateien entfernen

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    Hab hier mal 2 Tutorial gefunden, die momentan anscheinend die einzige Möglichkeit bieten:

    Try FRAPS (hxxp://www.fraps.com) to capture DRM Files!

    What you need:

    a. Fraps
    b. A lot of hard drive space
    c. The DRM protected movie
    d. A licence to view the file in Windows Media Player

    a. A Fast Computer over 800Mhz
    b. 512meg or more memory
    c. Defragment your Hard drive

    1) Launch fraps

    In the FPS tab tick overlay corner disabled

    In the MOVIES tab you can change where the output file will be saved... you can also specify what HOTKEY you want to use to start capturing. F12 is the default, but you can change it to whatever you want... I use the HOME key you can also specify the frame rate you want Etc...

    2) If you are running a slower computer (below 1.2ghz and 512 meg of ram) I recommend changing your screen resolution to 800x600 while you are capturing also shut down antivirus software or any other programs that may use resources

    3) Open the movie you want to capture, as soon as it starts playing, press your hotkey and VIOLA! It will capture the whole movie and it will automatically stop when the movie is done playing. (make sure that you have mediaplayer setup to play the move once not repeat forever)

    4) Fraps will capture the movie at high frame rates because it does not encode as it captires, so it will make very large avi files in 4 gig chunks depending on the length of your movie. You will need to use a utility to compress and join the video files. I recommend Sorenson for compression and Boilsoft makes a good joiner utility. There are lots of utilities available online in freeware and shareware flavors and there are many on the p2p networks!

    I hope some of you find this information useful. I tried Camstia which was mentioned by one of the moderatorsin a separate tutorial and it did not give me results that were as good as what FRAPS did for me; considering I am using an older computer, yet i wanted to get the best possible quality in captures. Regardless of which screen capture utility you use, you still have to recompress the video that has been captured if you want to store videos on a cd or dvd.


    Tutorial on how to capture DRM

    Windows Media digital rights management (DRM) is a platform to protect and securely deliver content for playback on a computer, portable device, or network device.

    At this time, there is no way to crack DRM protected files and completely remove the DRM licence verification without reducing video quality.

    The only thing that you can do is to capture the video while it is playing in Windows Media Player and after you validated your username and password against server where you downloaded the file from. To do this, you will need a program called Camtasia (http://www.techsmith.com)

    Tutorial on how to capture DRM protected video is just below:

    1) Launch Camtasia and set it up with the options noted below.

    You will need BIG HD space unless you compress it live while you capture it, for very fast computer.

    Go to TOOLS menu / OPTIONS / AVI tab

    - "Autoconfigure" unchecked
    - video setup: leave it to Techsmith, and reencode in DIVX or so later. Techsmith looks good and is native format for Camtasia
    - frames/sec: very important, set it at 20 at least if your system can handle it, if not then lower it to the maximum your computer can handle.

    - audio setup: just choose quality you want, click VOLUME and set it to WAV. Adjust the level so you don't have distorsion, and sound is not to weak (just make a test)

    Go to TOOLS menu / OPTIONS / CAPTURE tab

    - check "Pause before recording", so when you push record you have to unpause to really start recording. It makes things easier
    - you can also check "Minimize before starting capture", if you want

    Go to EFFECTS menu

    - check "Record audio"
    - cursor, HIDE IT to avoid stupid mistakes and get the mouse cursor passing in your favourite video

    Camtasia is now ready.

    2) open your video with Windows Media Player (WMP)


    this is what makes Camtasia record a transparent area
    - just slide the video acceleration to the left.
    - click OK, and you're done.

    Maybe you will need to restart WMP

    Play and pause the video a bit before you want to start recording.

    3) In Camtasia

    Start recording (window or region) and don't forget to unpause if you checked the option "Pause before recording"

    4) That's it

    You normally have, after you stopped recording, a big file that you can play, or open in video editing programs.

    You can now edit it with VirtualDUB or so to lower the size of the file (using DIVX and MP3 compression for eg.)

    Please don't post the questions about DRM in the forum. Post only if you really think that you've found another way to override DRM.

    //edit by bummelfleck

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