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    Philip Bronson was born in 1964 in Seattle, Washington and got the nickname “Po“ since he was 14 months old . After school, he gratuated from Stanfort University and worked as a salesman in San Francisco.
    But the finance part in his life had to give way to writing. So he published his first novel ,“Bombardies“ (1995), which was an international best seller. Upon he writes for the New York Times Magazine but rather became best known in Wired magazine and other technology-toughed magazines. During the rise of the internet and high tech in the 1990s, he pursuit the development and wrote two more books The First $20 Million Are Always the Hardest and The Nudist on the Late Shift, which was a nonfiction potrayal of people, who had followed the advance of Silicon Valley.
    After the flop of the film adaption of The First $20 Million Are Always the Hardest, he continued to work as a writer. Thus he publicized What Should I Do With My Life?, which was on the N.Y. Times #1 bestseller. Bronson follow-up is Why Do I Love This People? as a result Po Bronson became a columnist for Time.com and nowadays lives with his family in San Francisco.

    He is a faultless author, who appropriated himself a considerable knowledge about technique and consequently and so could celebrate a big success.


    Po Bronson describes very close his experience and observation of the so called Newcomers , young persons, who want to make their way in Silicon Valley. So he responds to the different types, which you can notice in the “World of Technique“.
    Thus various stories of life in the Valley are on display to the reader. All this could happen because of Bronson´s close relation to this “medium“.
    After a short introduction to the special life in the Silicon Valley he describes in 8 chapters the various kinds of people there, like the entepreteur, programmer, futurist et cetera. At this he makes the types clear with the help of Examples like Sabber Bhatia, the founder of hotmail .
    All in all it´s a best of compilation of his Wired-magazine articles.


    I like this book because it´s very interesting if you are interested in the world of technique. Po Bronson explains with his easy examples how people can achieve their aims and so you as a reader can put yourself easier in their position. Nevertheless the book has a very spezific vocabulary, because Po Bronson loves to describe people with special words and also prefers to explain technical things very detailed. In the same way the delight to read The Nudist on the Late Shift slows down because the examples are mostly alike!
    All in all, if you are interested in the world of technique it´s a pleasure, unless it´s rather a cruelty.

    Könntet ihr vll bitte ma über den Text fliegen und ihn vll ins einigermaßen gute englisch verbessern,da ich im englischen eher ne niete bin, BW´s würden auch raus gehen :D

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  3. #2 15. Januar 2008
    AW: English essay* Bitte verbessern*

    Denke so ist es richtig,kann aber auch falsch sein :D

  4. #3 15. Januar 2008
    AW: English essay* Bitte verbessern*

    With easy examples Po Bronson explains, how people can achieve their aims and the reader can understand their way of life (and their position) easier.
  5. #4 15. Januar 2008
    AW: English essay* Bitte verbessern*

    But the finance part / But the financial part
    he pursuit the development / pursuit -> is a noun, Grammatikfehler
    spezific / specific

    Hab mal kurz überflogen,
    diese drei würde ich anders schreiben

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