[Thema] GBAX 2007 Coding Competition

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    GBAX 2007 Coding Competition

    9th July 2007

    The wait is over and the entries for the GBAX 2007 Coding Competition are now available to download! We had a massive turnout this year with 60 entries, the highest in our five year history! We would like to say a very big thanks to everyone that took part; the entrants, splash screen designers and web site owners that helped to promote the competition. Please help to promote the competition by clicking on the Digg link to the right.

    Below you can find all the entries (in alphabetical order) entered into the competition. Please try all the entries for your console(s) and don't judge an entry by it's screen shot as a game doesn't have to have amazing graphics to be great. In the following links you can download combined packs for GP2X, DS and PSP if you want to get all the consoles entries in one go. Feel free to talk about the entries on our forum posts on the Emuholic/Emuboards forums here (guest posting allowed) or on the GP32x forums here (free registration required).

    The winners will be announced within a week or two once Craig and myself (Guyfawkes) have judged each entry.

    Finally, please remember to visit GP2X.co.uk (GBAX) who provide the great prizes for the competition. As you will probably notice the majority of entries are for the GP2X which is a very active and popular development scene. You can purchase a GP2X from GP2X.co.uk and try all the entries ;)

    Quelle & Spiele: offiziellen GBAX-Seite


    Wäre cool, wenn einige mal die Spiele antesten können und testen...
    Finde diesen Wettbewerb relativ interessant.
    Da ich nur einen GP2X besitze, ist es mir nicht möglich, die PSP und DS Games anzutesten, vieleicht können die anderen hier, die ein solches Gerät besitzen sich mal das ankucken und eventuell dafür voten ;)

    Viel Spaß beim probieren!

    PS: Mit gefällt Ruck-Man sehr gut :p

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