Frage zu meinem vBulletin

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  1. #1 6. Februar 2007
    Hallo Leute

    ich wollte mal fragen wie ich es hinbekomme das die Renomees im profil angezeigt werden also wenn man bei sich auf profil klickt.



    Kann mir niemadn helfen

    ps wenn des en spam is dann is es schei.... weil ich schon en tag warte

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  3. #2 6. Februar 2007
    AW: Frage zu meinem vBulletin

    das ist mal standart mäßig bei vbulletin nicht möglich...

    benutze google und verwende wörter wie "hack" ... somit wirst fündig xD

    greetz Muskatnuss
  4. #3 6. Februar 2007
  5. #4 6. Februar 2007
    AW: Frage zu meinem vBulletin

    also ich hab mal gesucht und rausgekommen das das mit der anzeige im user cp standart ist.So aber jez brauche ich noch funktionierende hakcs den hid und bedankungshack will mich aber nirgens anmelden wenn die jemadn hatt könnte er sie vll uppen?


  6. #5 6. Februar 2007
    AW: Frage zu meinem vBulletin

    guck ma bei die haben nen gutes team die werden dir weiter helfen :D
  7. #6 6. Februar 2007
    AW: Frage zu meinem vBulletin

    ich würds vorher gern so lösen ohne mich irgednwo anzumelden
  8. #7 6. Februar 2007
    AW: Frage zu meinem vBulletin

    vbulletin 3.6/x HACKS

    'Bubblegum' - A light, 'clean' vB template
    [GDV] DJ style
    [ITVN] Bee
    [MSC] Security Zone
    Abir 2 Style
    AceBlue Style
    Approx style
    Aqua Media
    Azhria Style from vBSkinworks
    Black and Gold 3.6
    Black Smart
    BlueBlack Style
    BlueBlack Style (Classic vB2 version)
    Blue Christmas
    Blue Illusion [Light blueblue]
    Blue is the Colour
    Bluelife skin
    Blue Lightning
    Blue theme
    BlueWhite Style
    BlueWhite Style (Classic vB2 version)
    Bright Christmas
    BS Style (Black and Blue)
    CA Evo
    Cairo Style
    Cairo Style Black
    Camaro SS
    CA Simplicity
    Chestnut Style
    CinVin Emotional (Forum Style & ACP Style)
    Country Comfort
    Covosat Style By
    Crimson Style
    Crystal Orange for 3.60 rc1
    Da Bluz
    Dark Clean Style
    Dark Skin
    Dark Skin
    Dark X
    Easy Action!
    Faddah Style
    Faddah Style Fluid
    Faddah Style Fluid 1
    Fall Days
    Fancy iMac
    Fishing skin
    For Christmas - Kissing The Face of God
    FriendShip Style
    FWS Colourful - 3 Colours
    Ghost Style
    Golden Delight
    Grayscale Lo-Fi
    Halloween style
    Halloween Treats
    Halloween xs
    Happy Holidays!
    Happy new year
    Heavy Metal Style
    HelloWorld! Great Skin
    Icedtorment (Winter Special)
    Ipod Style
    Jedi Knights - Star wars
    Jeem 1 Style
    Living Hardcore vBulletin Style
    Lost Special Theme
    Menthol by Epic Designz
    Mobile Skinlite Blue
    Most Ugly Style On Board
    Mr.Xmas Style
    new xmas style
    Orange Blue
    Paper Crane
    Perceft Blue Style
    PirfMorst Style on the Sky
    PoWeRTuRK OraNGe
    Proboards Black
    PRO style
    RedBar vBulletin Style
    Remal Style
    Retro Blue
    Safy Style
    Scare FEST halloween skin for your forums!
    School Dayz
    Silver And Red
    Simple Blue - Simple - Pro
    Simple Orange
    Smart Blue skin
    Smart Brown
    Steel Blue 3.6.x
    stilbykus 3.6.0 beta1
    Teb Style
    tet holiday (In Viet Nam)
    Thanksgiving Theme for the masses
    The Fallen Paladin's Castle
    Tvb Bluebust
    TvB Crastel
    TvB Curves
    TvB Purple Crush
    Unexplainable, Very SlickSpooky [Dark GreenGlowy]
    University of Michigan
    Valentine Day
    vBulletin 2.3.x style for vBulletin 3.6.x skins pack
    Zahraa Style

    [Addon IbProArcade] Total Games on Forumhome
    [AJAX] Drop Down Message Display Selector
    [AJAX] Edit Attachment Filenames
    [AJAX] Post Groan Hack
    [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack
    [APM] Advanced Product Management 3.0.4
    [urli] [aname] Content posts
    [BB Code] YouTube Javascript Embed
    [FO] IP n System Information in PNG for sig
    [hide=5] hack incl post thank you addon
    [product]-[hide=5] hack
    [vBa CMPS] TeamSpeak DisplayLogin Module
    [YouTube] Integration with Links & Downloads Manager (LDM 2.2.6)
    A Better News Module Fix for vBadvanced CMPS 2.2.1
    Activate the Debug mode by ACP
    Add a banner image to each forum (vb3.6)
    Additional Navbar In Footer
    Additional Section within Profile and Dropdown within Posts
    Add Phrases to Subscription Payment Types
    Add Search Engine Optimized Keywords & Description to each Forum
    AdminCP PhotoPost Administration
    Admin CP Thread Prefixes Add-On move & del by prefix
    AdminCP Top 10 Statistic
    Admin Log In As User
    Adoptables hack for vBulletin 3.6
    Adsense Banners in Your Archive
    Adv. Editing Options for Mods and Admins
    Advanced BBCode Permissions
    Advanced Navbar Links
    Advanced Plugin Manager - Reloaded
    Advanced PM Options
    Advanced Warning System 3.6.1
    Advent Calendar
    afterfl0w's Advanced Banlist
    Against vBulletin piracy logo
    Age Lock v2.0 Beta 2
    AIM Controller (AIM Bot For Vb)
    AJAX - Mouseover Profile Preview
    AJAX as User Option
    Ajax Check eMail
    Ajax Check Username
    AJAX Spy
    Allow admins to email users using the user to user email function
    Allow URLs in posts only after a minimum number of posts (to reduce spam)
    Amazon Integration
    Attachment countdown timer (like yousendit)
    Auto-PM to Staff when a User is Banned
    Automatically Close Old Threads After X Days
    Automatic Calendar Reminders
    Auto Move Closed Threads
    Auto Resize large images in an IMG tag
    Ban Info on User Profile
    Banlist - easy
    Banner Rotator (Definitive Mod)
    Battlefield 2 Squad Stats integration for VBAdvanced
    Battlefield 2 Stats integration for VBAdvanced
    BBcode Manager 1.32 New looks for your quote, html, php and code bbcodes !
    Bibliasoft -- BibleFilter 1.5
    BoardTracker Advanced Topic Tags System - v2!
    BoardTracker Search Mod v2 - a full search engine for your board!
    Breadcrumb at the Base of Showthread
    Browser on Who's Online
    Can't rate own threads
    Catagory Icons
    CFM Directory
    CFM Google AdSense for Search Integration
    Change Contact us Email
    Check Proxy RBL on New User Registration
    CinVin vB Forum Feed Listing
    Clickable User Fields
    Countdown Timer in signature
    Count of unread posts in the welcome box
    CP_Affiliates - An affiliates box for your forum!
    Create custom vB pages by creating a template
    Cron Based E-Mail Sending
    Custom Board Closed Message
    Custom forum CSS per Forum, using the Forum Admin
    Custom forum CSS per Forum, using the Forum Admin 1
    Custom Message Button
    Custom Thread Fields
    Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'
    Cyb - Advanced Forum Rules
    Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics
    Cyb - Advanced Permissions Based on User's Post Count
    Cyb - Attention Zero-Posters
    Cyb - Check If Already Posted
    Cyb - Flash-Image Banner Rotator
    Cyb - Forumhome Sub-Forums Manager
    Cyb - Forums Online CountUp
    Cyb - Login To Other User Account
    Cyb - Members Mood
    Cyb - PayPal Donate
    Cyb - Prevent Newbies from Posting to Wrong Forum
    Cyb - Sticky-Closed-Poll Prefixes
    Cyb - Tic-Tac-Toe
    Cyb - Title Look By Thread Type
    Cyb - Top Posters In Month X
    Cyb - Visitors in Last X Hours
    Default PM Read Receipts
    Delete Post when Giving Infraction
    Delete Sent PM With A Receipt
    Disable sendmessage.php For Specified Usergroups
    Disable Signatures for Selected Thread
    Disallow HTML code in Thread Titles
    Display ban message for Infractions
    Display Forumjump Menu on Forum Home
    Display Reputation Comments Given
    Display reputation comments on members profile page
    Download modifications directly from the vBulletin admin cp
    easyFeedback - How do your users rate your community
    eD2K Links Hack
    Email Filter 3.6.X
    Embed XHTML valid YouTube and Google Video into your posts
    Embed YouTube in Profile
    Enhanced Captcha Image Verification - stop bots from signing up!!
    Enhanced Reputation Checks
    EWT - Forum List Ads
    Exclude Banned Members from Membercount
    Exclude stats from specific subforums on specific forums (e.g. index)
    Extended Reputation Display
    eXtend Show Spiders
    External Data Provider UsergroupCookie Setting
    External Links Framed
    extra (IE) bbcode for glow,shadow, opacity and marquee
    Extra Profile Fields Page
    Fake Community Statistics
    FA Latest Announcements
    Falling Snow On your forum
    Farcaster's Event Attendance
    Farcaster's Event Attendance & vb Event Forums Integration
    FA Self Destruct Thread
    Feature Threads
    Filter Threads By Post Icon
    Flashchat Integration for vB 3.6
    Flash embedded games,animate
    Flickr Integration
    Form Hack
    Forum Archive List Forum Footer
    Forum Background Colour
    Forum Closed Message [BBCode Parse]
    Forum Directory
    Forum Home Announcement
    Forum Intro 1.0.3
    ForumSig 1.0
    Forum Sponsor
    Forum Views Counter - Track the number of forum views
    Friends andor Buddies on Profile
    Get direct links v1.4
    Give guests a thread middleman
    Global Announcements
    Global Threads
    Glowing Text BBCode
    GMT time on your forumpages
    Group Leader PM Notification
    GRPS Groups Commune 2.0.x
    GTOnline - Online Status on Member List
    GTPosting Rules Posting Rules near editor
    Haggis Top Posters
    Header Marquee Text
    Hidden replies 1.23 First post is visiblereplies are hidden
    Hide Infraction Link For Moderators If They Are Not Moderating The Forum
    Hide Links From Guests
    Highlight BBCode
    Hit Counter
    HIT COUNTER! (Integrated With VB)
    ibProArcade - professional Arcade System
    IBProArcade 2.5.7 make a PostThread on new Highscore
    ibproarcade 2.5.7+ full screen game on v3arcade skin
    IbproArcade 2.5.7- Top 25 player
    ibProArcade reduce scores to keep arcade competitive
    ibProArcade Shows Game Count + Newest Game and Random Game in your Forum Statistics
    Ignore Thread Allow Users to Ignore Threads of Their Choosing
    Image resizer
    Import Unread News from a Forum
    Incomplete Profile Fields Reminder
    Increase Decrease Thread View counts
    Infobar On All Pages
    Infraction Moderation
    Infraction PM User Override
    Inline Subscription Management
    Internet Movie Database (IMDb) BB Code
    Ip_NoPost! Blocking Guests with problem IPs from posting!
    IP_NoRegister! Block problem IPs or IP Hosts from registering on your site!
    IP_NoView! Blocking Guests w problem IP addresses from Showthread & Showpost pages!
    IpInfo -- Extra user IP information
    Italian version of Ipbproarcade 2.57+
    Jump to Your Last Post in a Thread
    Languages Chose Navbar (Flag Picture)
    Last Reply Alert Add last reply alert under new reply button
    Last Seen Online in postbit
    Lates 5 Attach Admin index
    Latest 10 PM Admin Index
    Latest Admin Actions on Admin CP Index
    Latest Paid Subscribers v1.1
    Left side column on forum home only
    Let PHP Live! (Allow PHP code in templates)
    Limited Guest Viewing -- Improve community registration rates
    Limit Polls Per User
    Limit User Registration - Based Upon Email (Domain)
    Links and Downloads Manager
    Link URL Status Checker
    Live Forum Statistics on All Pages in Forum Header
    Log Logins Hack
    Make quick style chooser update user settings
    MediaPlayer BB Code
    Member's area in the admin cp
    Memberlist -- Custom Profile Field Sorting
    Menu Control
    Mindestic GlosPro 1.2.0
    Minimum Age For Registration
    Mini Navbar Breadcrumb at Bottom of Thread
    MMLotto System
    MMstore RC2
    MM Word Scramble
    Mobile Device Style Assignment
    Mod-Approved HTML Signatures for vBulletin 3.6
    Moderation Auto-PM v2.0.1
    Module CMPS PhotoPost vBGallery
    Module for SR Classifieds in VB CMPS
    MonkeyStop - Auto-Moderation of Spammer Keywords and URLs by postcount
    Mood Manager - with AJAX mood update
    Most ever Members, Posters, Guests and Chatters
    most popular admin index
    Most Popular Forum Home
    MPDev's Graffiti Wall for vB3.6
    Multiple account login detector (AE Detector)
    Multiple Account Registration Prevention
    Nested Quotes
    New PM's in navbar
    New Post Alert
    New posts and reputation comments
    New Usernotes since last visit
    NoSpam! - an alternative to CAPTCHA images
    Now Playing
    Number of posts threads today on forumhome
    NYO - Simple Attachments Rules (S.A.R) 3.6.x
    Official AddonChat Integration
    Online Thumbs v2.0 Gold
    Own Redirector and Anonymization V2.0.1
    Partner Box for Forumhome
    Password Forums all Users
    PayPal Easy Donate
    Pay to Register
    Per-Thread Moderation
    PersonalizedGag Threads, Posts, and Signatures (Beta 1)
    Per user EditDeletion flood control (plugin)
    pgStormPay - Adds StormPay to the payment gateway
    Photopost Classifieds Recent Ad Block on Forumhome
    Phpclassifieds integration with vbulletin
    Playing Attached Media Files Inline
    Plugin Based Template Cache
    PM Moderation
    PM Preview
    pmsound notification
    Postbit Toggle in User CP
    Post Edit History (PEH)
    Post Once Per Thread
    Post Replacements
    PP_Classifieds Admin link via vb Admin cp
    prevent reduction of postcounter
    Prevent Spam Posts
    Private Debates
    Private Messages Attachments
    Profile Fields in Postbits
    Profile Privacy
    Proxy to Real IP Conversion
    psiStats 2006
    Quick Account Switch
    Quick Ban & Unban in Postbit & Postbit_legacy!
    QUICK BAN in postbit_legacy for vB3.6 -Instantly ban spammers!
    Quick News V2
    Read PMs
    Read PMs 1
    Redirect Archive Search Engine Results To Full Forum
    Redirect to Forum after Posting New Thread
    Referrer Statistics
    Register to view all text
    Reminder System
    Remote Links Interceptor
    Remove all (Template-)Comments from any HTML-Output
    Remove Forum Category from Navbar
    Reply to all button in private messages
    Required Attachment
    Require Deletion Reason
    Require Post Icon
    Require reason for reputation
    Reset most users online from the AdminCP
    Right side column on forum home only
    Same Window For Local Links
    Schedule vB's tasks with a host crontab
    Search Your Site From Firefox
    Seasonal Forum Effects
    Selective Forum Filter
    Sender Avatar In Private Message List
    Send To Friend - Image Verification For Guests
    SEO YouTube and Google Videos
    Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
    Server Info in AdminCP
    Set forum-language automatic to browser-language for first-visitors
    Shoutcast Status 2.0 (VB3.6)
    Show Events & Birthdays on Additional Forum Pages
    Show post as printable version
    Show Spiders on ForumHome
    Side Navigation
    SigmaChat Easy Install for 3.6
    Simple vB User login and access control on non vB pages
    Single Post Edit Override
    Site Backup (easily backup your forum files)
    Skin view - show skin in postbit
    SmEdD's Portal
    Smilies in QR and QE
    Smilies in Quick Reply
    Sort Who's Online by Last Activity
    Split count for most ever Members & Guests
    Sports predictions
    Stop banned users from accessing the contact us page
    Subforums Moderators On Forums Listing
    SubscribedFavorite Forums Module [vba CMPS module]
    Support Forums
    T-VBhoroscopes Addon -daily updated content
    Talkerbot Centralized Bot Learner System
    Talkerbot V2.2.3 (AI Posting Bot)
    Thead List Username Highlighting
    The XEON Mp3 Player for vBulletin 3.6.X Integrated
    Thread Cosmetics Search
    Thread Cosmetics V1.0
    Thread Description
    Thread Description 1
    Thread Description Hack v2.0.1
    Threaded Forum Views (Version 3.0)
    Threadmanagement in Quickreply
    Thread Prefixes
    Thread Stencil
    Thread Title Coloring
    thread visitor counts
    Thumbnail Font Color
    Tic Tac Toe Game
    TimeDays spent on board
    Timed Redirect - Donations Page Reminder
    Time Spent On Board
    Token of Death (cookie ban)
    Top Posters
    Top Statistic
    Top xx Reputation Forum Home
    Track Guest Visits
    Trim newsfeed content
    TryvBCode [AJAX]
    Turkish Lang file for Ipbproarcade 2.57+
    Un-Activated User Management 3.1
    Unalterable Admins Can Edit Themselves
    Unsubscribe Threads from Forumhome
    User-Online-Photolist for vBa
    user favorites smilies
    User FontColor Post Addon
    Usergroup Messages
    Username Email Protection Plugins
    Users In Thread
    Users Registered Today v2.0.0
    v3 Arcade - Games Arcade System for 3.6.0
    vB Ad Management
    vBadvanced & Photopost Latest comments on front page
    vBadvanced & Photopost quick moderation of images and comments on the front page
    vBadvanced CMPS Navigation v1.11
    vBadvanced CMPS ~ Zoints Newest Blog Entries
    vBadvanced CMPS ~ Zoints Random Members
    vbadvanced Links 2.0beta Number of contributed links in profile
    vB AJAX Cron
    Vbay! Transform your vbulletin into an auctionhouse!
    vB Code vB Database Backup Pro (Lite) for vb 3.6 vB Error Pages 1.0 vB Event Forums vBFavorites vBGallery - Forum Home VBGooglemap Hotspot Edition VBGooglemap Member Edition vbHotOrNot (Photo rating) vBi-Gallery for vB 3.6.X VB image Hosting vB Importance vBISpy - AJAX real-time feed of new poststhreads vBISpy module - live AJAX feed of new threads - for vBAdvanced CMPS vBISpy Who's Online resolution plug-in VBKeepLink GoogleVideo, Metacafe, Youtube ... Get Video Download Link vbMp3 & XEON vbMp3 Player vBonjour - IBProArcade Fix vBonjour - v3Arcade and IBPro Games Fix vB Option Picker vb pizza boy vBPortfolio Lite vbshout 2.0 in one forum only vbshout 2.0 in specified forums only vB Spell in the Admin CP Vbulletin Rss Views Feed 2.0.1 vS-Hide Hack Resurrection Who's Online at the top! World of Warcraft Recruitment Status Module! XBOX360 Live Gamertag bbcode XEON Series - vbFLV Streaming Video Player Your Current Alexa Rank (Integrated With VB) ZH - % Of Forum Posts ZH - Auto Lock Thread ZH - Banned Members ZH - Closed Thread Mark-Up ZH - Debug Mode ZH - Default Buddy ZH - Default Referrer ZH - Event Count On Forumhome ZH - Global Variables ZH - Member Count On Memberslist ZH - Meta Tags ZH - Restrict A Browser ZH - Sticky Thread Mark-Up ZH - vBShout On All Pages ZH - WOL Announcements password ist hoffe das hilft xD =) edit: is ne satte sammlung... bew. währe nett ^^ greetz muskatnuss
  9. #8 6. Februar 2007
    AW: Frage zu meinem vBulletin

    hamma man danke bw is raus.werde mal schauen ob dann alles geht

    so jez brauche ich nur noch en bedankungs hack der leicht zu installieren ist und en hide der leicht zu installieren is wo man dann acuh die buttons in der threaderstellung hatt.



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