[FTP] FTP RAW Commands

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  1. 4. Oktober 2004
    FTP RAW Commands

    Common commands

    ABOR - abort a file transfer
    CWD - change working directory
    DELE - delete a remote file
    LIST - list remote files
    MDTM - return the modification time of a file
    MKD - make a remote directory
    NLST - name list of remote directory
    PASS - send password
    PASV - enter passive mode
    PORT - open a data port
    PWD - print working directory
    QUIT - terminate the connection
    RETR - retrieve a remote file
    RMD - remove a remote directory
    RNFR - rename from
    RNTO - rename to
    SITE - site-specific commands
    SIZE - return the size of a file
    STOR - store a file on the remote host
    TYPE - set transfer type
    USER - send username

    Less common commands

    ACCT* - send account information
    APPE - append to a remote file
    CDUP - CWD to the parent of the current directory
    HELP - return help on using the server
    MODE - set transfer mode
    NOOP - do nothing
    REIN* - reinitialize the connection
    STAT - return server status
    STOU - store a file uniquely
    STRU - set file transfer structure
    SYST - return system type
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