just another emo song :P

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  1. #1 14. Januar 2009
    hab ein lied geschrieben

    He was an emo, he was a girl
    Can I make it anymore obvious?

    He was a punk,he did ballet
    What more can I say?

    He wanted to be cool, he'd never tell
    Secretly she wanted to be nicht hetero as well.

    But all of his friends stuck up their nose
    They had a problem with his emo clothes.


    He was an emo boy, he said no one loves an ugly boy
    He wasn't good enough for being :mad:ed nicht hetero and tough
    he had hadn´t a pretty face, but his head was up in space
    he needed to come back down to earth.

    Five weeks from now, he sits at home
    and hes ritzing his self all alone

    he turns on TV
    Guess who she sees
    an emo boy rockin' up MTV.

    he calles up his ´´friends´´, they already know
    And they've all got tickets to see the emo show

    he tags along and stands in the crowd
    Looks up at the man that he wanted to be his own.

    He was an emo boy,he said see you later boy
    He wasn't good enough for being an opfer
    Now he's scared and is smelling like a fart
    Does your ugly face see what he's worth?

    Tuff luck he found a friend,
    a shaver that lies good in his hand
    i dont think this will have a happy end

    They are more than just good friends
    he´s happy with bloodi red hands

    Too bad that you couldn't see
    See that man that emoboy could be


    He's just an emo- boy, and hes just a girl
    Can I make it anymore obvious?

    He is iin love, haven't you heard
    How he cuts his arms and hates his beard


    I hate the emo boy, I said i´ll :mad: you up emo boy
    I'll be back to kill you my sad littel emo bro (nur verbal)
    I'll be at the next emo meeting you ho
    Singing the song i wrote
    About an emo girl i used to know

    was sagt ihr?
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