Mp3s überprüfen???

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  1. #1 3. Juli 2006
    Hu Leute, ich suche ein Programm, das mp3s auf fehler überprüft, sprich ob hänger oder ruckler enthalten sind. Ist euch sowas bekannt, gibt es sowas überhaupt, bzw. ist sowas überhaupt möglich?

    Wäre echt gut wenn da vl. jemand bescheid wüsste.

    mfg x.cr3w

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  3. #2 3. Juli 2006
    sowas wird es nicht geben weil das programm ja nicht wissen kann ob die mp3 nun vollständig, kaputt oder fehler hat.

    Dazu müsste es eine Datenbank von allen mp3-files geben und wie sie aufgebaut sein müssen :D

    mfg r0b
  4. #3 3. Juli 2006
    naja könnte ja sein, denn so wies bei mir is, hab ich mir meine mp3s von meiner dvd runtergezogen, die leidergottes nicht mehr top in ordnung war. jetzt springen einige tracks, und mit einem solchen tool, könnte ich gleich alle defekten löschen.
  5. #4 5. Juli 2006
    Ich habe ein Prog gefunden das Mp3s durchsucht und kaputte Dateien in einem Extra ordner verschiebt... weiß allerdings nicht ob das funktioniert...

    Viel Spaß :D

    [hide] Beschreibung: (leider in Englisch) I have always wanted a utility that would help me (i) test the integrity of and (ii) catalog my collection of mp3 files. Not being able to find a suitable utility available, I decided to try my own hand at creating one. MP3Utility is the result of that effort, and it can do the following:
    1) Display detailed information on just about any MPEG audio file (not just MPEG Version 1.0, Layer III files).
    2) Test an MPEG audio file for synchronization (and other) errors.
    3) Identify and process both Xing VBR and MusicMatch VBR files.
    4) Intelligently parse (and display limited information on) those pesky leading IDV3v2 tags.
    5) Batch test a directory of files, with the ability to move corrupted files to a pre-specified directory for further testing. Can also recursively test files in subdirectories under the top directory specified.
    6) Generate a detailed audio catalog formatted for direct import into Microsoft Excel. This includes all the MPEG and Tag information displayed on the main screen (you can then use Excel for further formatting/sorting of the data).

    Other MP3Utility features:
    1) Written in Visual C++, which makes it small and fast (I can test a 4.0 MB file in about one second on my 450 MHz Pentium II).
    2) The main screen is fully resizable so that you can make the Output Log as big as you want (one of the biggest complaints I had early on was that the Output Log was too small).
    3) The utility provides detailed error messages that identify the frame, byte position and time position of synchronization errors.
    4) All test output can be saved in a text file for later use.
    5) Clean, readable output (It drives me nuts when people display large numbers without commas!)
    6) Clean install/uninstall. The utility will unzip into it's own "mp3utility" directory and won't make any changes to the registry or any other system files. Also, MPUtility will not attempt to place icons/shortcuts on your Desktop, Start Menu, Quickstart Toolbar, System Tray, etc. To uninstall, simply delete the MP3Utility directory.
    7) Uses standard Windows file access functions, so you can test files/directories located on remote computers (note, however, that LAN access may slow down MP3Utility as all files tested will need to be read across the LAN).
    8) Supports drag-and-drop and right-click context menu selection from Windows Explorer.

    1) The testing components of this utility provide a lot of technical information and are not designed for use by novices. In order to understand the error messages from the testing functions, you will need to be familiar with the basics of MPEG audio file structure (for an in-depth primer on MPEG audio frame headers and tags, a must-see is Predrag Supurovic's "MPEG Audio Compression Basics" at:
    2) Keep in mind that I wrote this utility with the idea of being able to examine and test the file structure of MPEG audio files, specifically looking for synchronization errors. All of the testing done by this utility is done using information from the frame headers. I do no examination of the actual audio data itself (other than to make sure it's there). Thus, while this utility can tell you if the file structure is damaged, it cannot tell you anything about the quality of the encoded audio stream.
    3) While I included the logic for recognizing and testing VBR files, I have not written the logic for determining a specific time within this type of file. As a result, the indicated time of a sync error may be off for VBR files.
    4) Yes, the icon was shamelessly stolen from Winamp. If someone out there has any talent designing icons, please send me one before I get sued by NullSoft (which is now part of AOL - yes?)

    For more information, please see the readme.txt file in the download.

    Enjoy! [/hide]
  6. #5 10. Juli 2006
    Ich danke dir vieel vieeelmals :D

    Das Programm macht genau das was ich will, Überprüft die mp3s, sind stocker oder hänger drinne, verschiebt er mir die in nen anderen ordner, somit weiss ich welche ich mir neu besorgen muss.


    Also dafür geht mal fix ein 10er raus.

    mfg x.cr3w

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