Senaturrz of Thugalopolis

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  1. #1 23. Februar 2007
    naja wollte fragen ob hier schonmal jemand was von den senaturrz of thugalopolis kennt, paar jugendliche kanadier die so spaß hip hop lieder machen und dabei ne menge klischees verarschen.

    ich hab halt 2 videos von ihnen gesehn, still crunkin part I und part II

    part I

    part II (den ich sehr viel besser finde)

    die ham auch myspace, allerdings 2 profile

    The Senators of Thugalopolis | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos
    Featured Content on Myspace

    und hier is mal ihre (göttliche^^) beschreibung auf dem älteren profil:

    Raised in Kitsilano, one of Vancouver's most treacherous ghettos, these urban rap stars led a rough-n-tumble life filled with struggle and strife. Slanging rocks, doing drive-bys, and other less savoury acts kept a meal on the table for these desperate youngsters' families. It wasn't until september of 2004 that the opportunity of a life time presented itself to the young trappers. While smoking some marijuana in their TV productions class (one of the few they regularly attended), Stevie Souf, then known as Da Suvvern Flava, overheard the teacher rambling about a film contest. Well, in between merking haters and macking hoes, the cold-blooded posse was busy making tracks in Solid Gold Sam's basement. This contest seemed a perfect opportunity to film the music video for what was to be their multiplatinum selling debut, Still Crunkin. Needless to say, the lyrically gifted spitaholics won that contest and have been riding the ho-train to success ever since. With such club bangers as "Putcho gatz in da Urr", "Collagreen Crippin", and their new, 'dirrtierr' tracks, "Where My Ballers At?" and "Eat That *****", it is no surprise that it is nearly impossible to find an honest music fan who has not heard of the now legendary Senaturrz of Thugalopolis.

    hab mir gedacht da jetz hier irgendwie mode is, dass jeder irgendwelche amateure präsentiert, zeig ich mal die jungs, da ich die zum teil echt sau lustig find^^

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