SONY profitiert von leck in der PSP custom firmware scene!

Dieses Thema im Forum "Szene News" wurde erstellt von t_low42, 18. September 2007 .

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  1. #1 18. September 2007
    team M33 sind die urheber der CF von der SONY sich ein paar sachen "abgucken"konnte.diese wurden
    dann auch sofort in das nächste firmware update eingebaut.
    das team M33 äussert sich wie folgt zu der ganzen sache:
    Hello, world.

    As you have seen, some things have changed between Sony and the developing of custom firmwares.

    Due to the leak (that we've always gone against this crime) of the OE sources from a private svn, everyone can
    take a peek into the patches done from the Open Edition to the original firmwares to allow the development
    into this scene that was growing day after day. And, when we say anyone, we include Sony.

    This intrusion into one of the basis of the actual PSP Scene, has just made harm to the entire world of the
    PSP Scene. Therefore, Sony saw this and made some interesting changes in some modules (mainly loadcore), plus
    the change of some nids that are used to the development of M33 Custom Firmware.

    So, if you can't wait for the new release, you'll have to wait; and this is cause this leak and this changes
    made upon the material we work and we try to release asap to the *entire* psp community. Looks like, as always,
    there is someone that wants to be important in this world when no-one asks him, and his result is this delay
    on the development of the new versions.

    This "benefit" that much lammers talked about in foreign forums, talking about OE leak, will just made a result
    in the near future: that serious developers (including us) will think twice before releasing anything else.

    And also, speaking about the new "custom firmwares" that have been released, such as AoP, and others addons
    that use M33Cf, will be deeply studied and reversered to see if *anything* of the core, reboot, or whatever
    from our work has been ilegally used. If this is afirmative, we'll have to act against this.

    This changes won't probably last too long and won't be an important problem, but it's just, as we have just said,
    another resultant of trying to be someone on this world by stealing and leaking instead of studying.

    Please have patient and stay tuned for the next Custom Firmware for PSP and PSP Slim and Lite :)

    M33 Team.
    (quelle: M33 homspage)

    was sagt ihr?muss man mit soetwas rechnen bei veröffentlichung im netz oder ist das der reinste plagiarismus?



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