[Wii] CycloWiz News 15. + 16.02.2007

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  1. #1 16. Februar 2007
    02/15/2007 (Updated)

    Important Announcement

    It has come to our attention that a limited number of Cyclowiz units from the latest batch have an issue which will disable functionality. Due to a problem at the PCB factory, the A, B and C points of the CycloWiz are connected together. Unfortunately, some of them were already shipped to customers. All customers should verify that they do not have one of the affected Cyclowiz before installing their chip.Please refer to our identification guide below.

    We offer a free replacement for each defective unit through our retailer network. Should you have a defective unit, please contact your retailer to arrange replacement immediately.

    Those who do not wish to wait for a replacement unit can try to fix the chip by themselves, should they so desire, using this tutorial. Should you wish to try this method but are ultimately unsuccessful, we'll replace the chip even if it's damaged during the modification procedure.

    We will also offer free replacements with D2B chipset support for people who have a D2B console and a CycloWiz from an the first batch which doesn't support D2B chipset. If your chip came in a branded CycloWiz ESD bag, it means that it already supports the D2B chipset.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to those affected. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, we'll make sure this kind of problem won't happen again. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact: tech@teamcyclops.com

    {bild-down: http://www.teamcyclops.com/problemsmall.jpg}

    02/16/2007 (Read yesterday's post for an important announcement)

    It has been reported that some current generation mods suffer from the old "Idle Disc Read Error (DRE)" bug that was frequent in early badly designed GC modchips. Some people wrongly concluded that it could be the case with CycloWiz, but fortunately it just can't be, and here is why.

    The Wii drive, unlike GC drive, is aware of standard DVD format. Standard DVDs can be read by any Wii (yes, an official DVD player is in theory possible) but as a protection mean some commands used by games are disabled when a standard DVD is inserted.

    CycloWiz job is to re-enable those commands. Unlike some other mods, CycloWiz lets the original Wii firmware handle every aspects of DVD reading. In fact, CycloWiz is probably the only chip on market that doesn't use bitsetting at all. That way, no continuous patching is needed and no desynchronisation can occur. As soon as the disc starts spinning, CycloWiz becomes transparent (you could even remove it!), it's all in the drive's hands.

    We won't say that it's impossible to get a DRE with CycloWiz due to media. Simply use a good burner with good media and and you'll never have to worry about DRE. We are also aware of an unrelated deterministic DRE problem with three PAL games. We will provide an upgrade correcting this issue in a couple of days, along with some surprise features :)

    Quelle : teamcyclops.com​

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  3. #2 16. Februar 2007
    AW: [Wii] CycloWiz News 15. + 16.02.2007

    Danke für die Info, kam bei mir leider zu spät.

    Wii ist zwar noch heil aber wenn ich Pech habe, kann ich keinen Chip mehr einbauen.
  4. #3 16. Februar 2007
    AW: [Wii] CycloWiz News 15. + 16.02.2007

    Tja überall wurde geschrieben das es ein scheiß chip sei und trotzdem gekauf da sag ich nur pgh! wartet auf den wiikey ist schon besser das ding und kommt am 21.02.2007 raus...

    Mfg Nutella
  5. #4 16. Februar 2007
    AW: [Wii] CycloWiz News 15. + 16.02.2007

    Tja... chips bei so geilen konsolen einbaun rentiert sich halt nicht kann ich dazu nur sagen xD
  6. #5 16. Februar 2007
    AW: [Wii] CycloWiz News 15. + 16.02.2007

    Meiner läuft wunderbar, was habt Ihr denn alle für Probleme ?
  7. #6 18. Februar 2007
    AW: [Wii] CycloWiz News 15. + 16.02.2007

    Also meiner läuft auch ohne Probleme.
    War beim Einbau zwar nicht dabei, aber gehe mal stark davon aus, dass ich einen ohne Produktionsfehler habe. =)

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