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    Hi all,
    seit heute morgen gibt es einen Review zu dem Modchip "Wiikey" für die Nintendo Wii~! Nach diesem Review muss ich mir echt nochmal überlegen ob ich auf neuere Modchips warte, oder doch nicht sofort einhole ^^, naja hier ist der Review. Der Review ist nich von mir geschrieben, quelle seht ihr unten ;) . HF !

    The Wiikey is advertised as "the first and only upgradeable modchip" for the Wii. It's list of features is quite impressive...

    * Direct boot of wii backups
    * Direct boot of GC backups
    * Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode
    * Supports all currently available console/drive versions
    * Supports D2B chipsets
    * Sophisticated (true) update mechanism via DVD (future proof, expect cool features to come)
    * Direct boot of different NTSC region Wii games/backups on US and JAP consoles
    * Partial support for NTSC region Wii games/backups on PAL consoles
    * Boots different region GC games/backups (partially without swapping)
    * Supports multi-disc games for BOTH Wii and Gamecube
    * Supports DVD-R / true DVD+R and +RW support (no bitsetting required!)
    * Improved readsettings for recordable media
    * Built-in audio fix
    * Supports fullsize 4GB discs for gamecube homebrew
    * Stealth mode
    * 512 byte EEPROM to store configuration
    * Quicksolder interface - no wires required
    * Unique disc backup application via sdcard
    * Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller
    * Professional ESD packing
    * Recovery mode - Can recover from a bad flash

    But will it live up to the hype?

    The Wiikey is shipped in a small ESD bag. The actual chip is very small... about half the size of the CycloWiz. The board is also a bit thicker than the CycloWiz. The picture below shows the Wiikey compared to a standard CD case, a U.S. nickel, and an English Pound.

    {bild-down: http://www.wiinewz.com/images/reviews/wiikey/wiikey_size(s).jpg}

    Photo provided by thieves like us

    We installed the Wiikey in a U.S. version Wii with the DMS chipset to replace a previous wired CycloWiz install. We chose to use wires but the chip also provides "quicksolder" points for those who wish to use them. There are six points to solder, as opposed to five for the Wiinja and CycloWiz. The new point is no more difficult than any of the others, though, so it should not be a problem.

    We found that the "quicksolder" points did not align perfectly so some adjusting may be required to get everything lined up. The pads are bigger than those of the CycloWiz, though, to provide an easier wired install. That is the option we chose to use.

    {bild-down: http://www.wiinewz.com/images/reviews/wiikey/wiikey_012s.jpg}

    Photo provided by thieves like us

    The Wiikey comes configured to play Wii and GameCube backups standard from the factory. If you wish to play imports, you must download the Setup Disc from the official website. Be sure to get the proper version that matches the origin of your Wii console. The disc runs in GameCube mode so, if you have a GC controller, be sure to have it plugged in when running the Setup Disc. If you do not have a GameCube controller, the Wiikey Team was courteous enough to also provide versions that allow the options to be changed by pressing the RESET button on the Wii console. This is an ingenious solution for those who may be stuck without a GameCube controller.

    The Setup Disc includes options for the Region Free setting (OFF/ON), GameCube Audio Fix (ON/OFF), and Disc Speed. Early Wii modchips, such as the Wiinja and CycloWiz, were plagued with Disc Read Errors on some games. It was later reported, by Brakken of TehSkeen in his CycloWiz review, that the problem was with the chips not allowing the disc to spin at 6x like they should. This caused problems with several major titles. It is best advised to leave this setting at 6x unless there is reason to change it later.

    Once you have selected your settings, simply choose "Save Settings" and there will be a delay of about 10 seconds while they are written to the Wiikey's onboard EEPROM. You will not need to run the Setup Disc again unless you want to change a setting.

    {bild-down: http://www.wiinewz.com/images/reviews/wiikey/wiikey_022s.jpg}
    {bild-down: http://www.wiinewz.com/images/reviews/wiikey/wiikey_017s.jpg}

    Photos provided by thieves like us

    MEDIA: Wiikey Setup Video on YouTube.

    The Wiikey performed simply flawlessly with everything we threw at it, including games burned on re-writeable media! The games tested included previous problem titles such as "WarioWare," "Rayman: Raving Rabbids," and "Call Of Duty." Opening movies played seamlessly even when left to loop for 30+ minutes. Each game played perfectly with no DRE's whatsoever. We got caught up playing "WarioWare" for 2-3 hours and didn't experience a single Disc Read Error.

    We also tested a wide variety of unpatched Japanese games. All performed exactly as if they were running on a Japanese console with no errors of any kind. Titles included "Wing Island," Kororinpa,"Cooking Mama," "Naruto," "Pokemon Battle Stadium," and "Ennichi No Tatsujin," which can be seen in the video linked at the end of this section.

    We were also able to boot several PAL titles without patching. "Super Fruit Fall" and the U.K. version of "Rayman: Raving Rabbids," which includes 480p support dropped in the NTSC version, loaded and played flawlessly. Your display needs to support PAL mode, though. We were testing on Sony and Westinghouse LCD sets.

    The GameCube support was also spot-on. We were able to boot GameCube imports (Jap & PAL) without using GCOS. Again, though, if you are going to run a PAL game on your NTSC Wii (or vice versa) your display will need to support it. If it doesn't, simply use GCOS to boot and force the video mode to whatever you need. We asume this is what they meant when listing "partially without swapping" in the specs.

    MEDIA: Wiikey Setup & Import Boot video on YouTube.

    Homebrew Support
    We did not get a chance to fully test GameCube hombrew (emulators, etc.) yet. Considering the flawless execution of GameCube backups, though, I do not forsee any problems with running various homebrew apps.

    Postitive Points
    Easy to install, whether "quicksolder" or wired, if you have soldering experience.
    Performed flawlessly, even on same discs that gave DRE's with the previously installed CycloWiz.
    Plays games burned onto Re-Writeable Discs!
    Does not require GCOS to play GameCube imports (see above for video mode info).
    Truly upgradeable with onboard EEPROM.

    Negative Points
    The thickness of the board and position of the quicksolder points (which don't line up quite perfectly) may require a bit more skill to install than you'd expect.
    Advertised "Unique disc backup application via sdcard" not released yet.

    Flawless execution! The Wiikey is, simply put, the best performing modchip on the market right now. We did not experience a single issue during our lengthy testing. We were so impressed with it's quality that a friend decided to take the plunge and add one to his D2B console. It also performed 100% as advertised without a hiccup.

    Final Verdict
    09 out of 10
    Where's the SD card backup app?

    Official Site: http://www.wiikey.cn

    QUELLE : ps2-scene.org mobile


    Was ich sehr intressant finde ,dass
    0094 Naruto Shippuuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX [JAP] das Game mit dem Wiikey läuft und nicht mit anderen Chips obwohl man Gepatched hat... , also muss da noch was sein das der Patcher nicht kann :S.


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  3. #2 3. März 2007
    AW: Wiikey Review!

    krass, wie schnell n brauchbarer chip für 'ne aktuelle konsole erschienen ist. na gut, ist zum teil gamecube-brei... auf jeden fall schönes ding. hab ichs überlesen oder steht da nix in sachen online-gaming?
  4. #3 3. März 2007
    AW: Wiikey Review!

    Also da steht nichts über das Online Gaming, da es meine ich noch keine Games gibt die Online funktionieren... das wird erst noch in der nächsten Zeit kommen .
  5. #4 3. März 2007
    AW: Wiikey Review!

    Naja, ich werde mit keinen Chip holen, so verlockend es auch sein mag. Ich unterstütze die Entwickler der Konsole und der Spiele voll und ganz. Außerdem habe ich moralische Einwände gegen das anschaffen eines Chips.
    Trotzdem geht durch einen Chip ein großer Teil des Spielspaßes verloren.
  6. #5 4. März 2007
    AW: Wiikey Review!

    Ich hoffe weiterhin auf eine Software Loesung. Natuerlich unterstuetze ich auch Ninty, aba manche schlechte Games(vorallem die meisten Launch Titel) verdienen es einfach nicht gekauft zu werden. SSX Blur werde ich mir aba tortzdem kaufen

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